Texts & emails from Exmouth


There is almost something farcical bordering on a tragedy when it comes to this election.  Billed by the media as the ‘Generation game’. It’s fast showing the voters how out of touch the Westminster village is when it comes to the real world of making ends meet.    With apparently indifference to the austerity they have and will continue to inflict on the vulnerable in or society. They throw a soiree down Park Lane to socialize with hedge funders, currency speculators, property developers, and a porn baron with a prison record, a lap dance millionaire, and several financiers fined and censured for city scandals. While on television they tell the obese to lose weight or their benefit.  Then allow fat cat bankers bailed out by the Tax Payer, to have an annual salary increase by 44%.  Strangely just before the next banking scandal hits the newspapers.  Of course this did not start this year.  No it goes back to the Blair government, after all, they demonstrated that there is little difference between the big parties when it comes to ignoring the unemployed underclass, encouraging low-paid mass immigration to shaft the unskilled poor, selling off council houses and playing fields, and being “relaxed about the filthy rich” to the point of letting them off paying tax. In one case for twenty years.  So who do we get to vote for who will make any difference? Well there is the sight of the labour leader almost dislocating his face on a bacon butty, and then spending the rest of the time swapping it for his foot. There is the figure of Flashman Cameron astride the conservative party and UKIP, exposing his vulnerable failed election pledges. Then poor Nick Glegg riding off into the sunset on the back of his party. Whilst in  the shadows is the SNP headed by a floundering Salmon who was told no by the Scottish people, and seems to think like a Brussel bureaucrat they need to have more referendums, till they finally get it right.  Nicholas Sturgeon who wants Scotland to join Greece. Whereas the greens don’t mind what they do has long as it gets them more wind turbines. So in truth why would anyone want to vote for this lot?  Please don’t ask me  I have no idea.


Here are some of my texts & emails from Exmouth.


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