Texts & emails from Exmouth


There is something ironic about magazines found between the pages of high-end weekend newspapers around this time of the year.  Especially when they display the words, the list Issue in the top right hand corner. Turning the pages to read about the top 10 highest paid actors, models, and the worldís richest people.  With the inevitable smug face of Bill Gates at the top.  Itís Christmas I tell myself, goodwill to all men, (sorry people) and remember good old Ebenezer who gave a turkey at Christmas to the poor.   Of course we donít mention around this time of the year.  The world as limited resources and anyone taking more than their share, leaves the rest poorer.  No we wonít mention for every millionaire there must be the poor who gave up their share.  No we must remember Christmas is a time for giving, and thank those billionaireís for their generosity in hoarding all their wealth, and passing just a little down to the needy.  Of course I know they wonít be visited by three ghosts, not even one in an Yves Saint Laurent translucent smock.  Then as they race to find immortally from a stem cell bottle. Iím reminded of a famous Woody Allen quote.  ĎIf you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.í  Because if I found one thing about whoever god you believe in or not. Life has a wicked sense of humour.  So just think if the Buddhist believe in reincarnation is true.  A billionaire dying in a palatial mansion overlooking the blue Caribbean.  Could been reborn in a mud hut in Africa with his starving mother, waiting and hoping for a hand out from the rich. Thatís got to be a better twist than 3 Ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Here are some of my texts & emails from Exmouth.




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