Texts & emails from Exmouth

To write - the presentation at Brixington Community Church on Tuesday the 18th November, concerning the development of 150 or was it 300, or maybe even 350 houses in fields off the Marley Road. Could be described with even a smidgen of salt, as a presentation by a group of professionals.   Would be both incorrect, misleading and quite frankly a dam lie.  It was more a slaughter of the young, by a pack of rabid pensioners who quickly unlike the presenters, showed they had done their homework and knew their facts.  The visual presentation on flips chart easels was at best macabre.  A few very dark contrasting photocopies of the fields in question, reminded me of a backdrop for an old sixties Hammer Horror film. Of course there were no plans, just some processed to death paragraphs which were both vague and meaningless.  However, they did show from one development the usual one fits all houses.

So for ten minutes I stood back watched and listened.  To say it was pitiful to watch, would be to give this presentation credit for something it did not deserve. It was simply pathetic.  However one particular question kept cropping up.  Something concerning a 200 year old Oak tree, allegedly chopped down because it was diseased, or it may have been blocking the entrance to the proposed building development.   On this question after umpteen repeats for an answer.  There was some vague reference from one of the team, more I think out of frustration for being fed to the lions by his boss.  Concerning the landlordís responsibility.   In conclusion. I think this farce at Brixington Church if it showed anything.   It was   the utter contempt Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners have for the people of Exmouth and nature itself. 

Here are some of my texts from Exmouth.








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