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Having recently moved to Exmouth on a more permanent basis, and having finally been connected once again to the World Wide Web.  I decided to download some open source software and update my Linux desktop.

Well after the debacle of Windows Vista, and Windows 8 point one or not.  Who could blame anyone for going for something which seldom if ever freezes, is quicker to load and shut down, and by the way is free.

Anyhow I started to download my gigabyte of software on to my steam driven laptop. Now of course, if my laptop was in South Korea it would take seventeen seconds. If I was in a dugout majestically gliding down the mighty Amazon, it would take around fort minutes give or take.   This is due in part to British aid to help pay satellites to be positioned over the Amazon Basin.

So what happened in Exmouth?  Well, it took one hour and twenty minutes.

Of course Im not on superfast broadband.  Why? Because it has not reached my neck of the woods.  Then, of course what speeds can we expect when it does? Especially if youre miles away from your first fibre-optic cable, and of course, still relying on the same copper cable that once connected a Bakelite phone and pressing a certain button A.

To be honest, in a country which built the first digital computer and designed the universal languages of the web to hear politicians, BT and East Devon District Council talk about speeds of five to twenty four megabytes when the rest of the world is talking about thousands makes me wonder if we are going back to semaphore towers along the coast.



Are we going back to the Semaphore Tower

Here are some of my texts & emails from Exmouth.




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