Texts & emails from Exmouth


Looking from the beach at Exmouth and out towards the horizon.  I can see a solitary container ship moving slowly along it.  I wondered what the same horizon would look like with a forest of wind turbines.  Would it really help in reducing global warming and pollution?  Maybe even surrounding these Islands with wind turbines?  Possibly insulating every home and fixing solar panels on all the roofs.  Would that help?   The answer is no.  In reality the man who built the Great Western Railway if he should return wearing his famous Stovepipe hat and smoking his Havana cigar.   

Isambard Kingdom Brunel would probably be coughing up his lungs.  Even the Victorians with their coal powered steam engines and their forest of chimneys where living in cleaner air than we are today.  Why because of the solitary container ship on the horizon and what powers it.  Furnace Fuel Oil, FFO, or bunker oil as the Americanís call it.   The sludge left over when lighter products like petrol and plastics are extracted from Brent crude. Let me give you one staggering fact amongst a mired of statics, concerning the pollution caused by these ships. Just sixteen of them produce the same amount of Sulphur dioxide as all the cars in the world.  And there are in the world today over a hundred thousand of these ships, and they are getting bigger. 

So what is the solution? Well it might surprise you to know, that if we went back to coal fired power stations, build everything for our needs in this country, we would be saving the planet far more effectively than all the wind turbines, solar panel, and fracking being done today. Of course certain vested interests may tell you this article is a load of bunkum. (Sorry, no pun intended) But   in one year it is expected that 27,000 people in Europe will die from funnel fume related illnesses, and 2,000 in the worse polluted country in the EU. That countryís name?  Well stand on Exmouth beach and look at the container ship passing by.


Here are some of my texts & emails from Exmouth.




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